The National Statistics System (NSS) is the collective of statistical organizations and units as well as individuals with a country with the very purpose of providingcollection and compilation, production, analysis, and dissemination of official and other statistics in Namibia. The NSS comprised of the following five components:

  • Statistics producers
  • Statistics users
  • Research institutions
  • Training institutions; and
  • Respondents


The NSS was created in order to address the following specific objectives, which are to: 

  • Build coordinated and sustainable capacity for the collection, production, analysis, and dissemination of statistics in accordance with the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics
  • Ensure the protection of the confidentiality of information provided by a respondent; and
  • Promote the use of statistics for
    • Evidence-based planning and decisionmaking
    • Policy design and
    • Monitoring and evaluation of policies and decision-making 

Memorandum of Understandings and Partnerships

  • MoU a
  • MoU b
  • MoU c


With this critical mandate, the NSS must therefore be administered and coordinated in accordance with Section 34 to 37 of the Statistics Act, inclusive, to ensure that its objectives as articulated are carried out in:

  • A cost-effective and efficient manner and 
  • In accordance with its purpose and the statistical principles referred to in Section 4, sub-section 2 of the Statistics Act.

The NSA is therefore entrusted through the provisions of the Statistics Actin particular, Part II and Part VI of the Statistics Act to develop and coordinate the NSS